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Code of Conduct and Open Container Policies

For the comfort, safety and security of everyone on the premises, the following code of conduct has been established for all guests and visitors. The Battery Atlanta reserves the right to refuse entry to any person and remove any person who is being unruly or disruptive or violates this Code of Conduct in any manner or unwilling to comply with this Code of Conduct.


  1. Tobacco use of any kind (including electronic cigarettes and vaporizers) except in designated areas.  The only designated smoking area is outside of the Red Parking Deck, Level 3 as noted via signage.
  2. Illegal drug use.
  3. Loitering and solicitation. Ticket resale and unauthorized commercial activity, including driving or parking vehicles with advertisement wraps, logos or decals, are expressly prohibited
  4. Carrying a weapon of any kind (including firearms).
  5. Inappropriate, disruptive or unlawful behavior (including the use of profanity, abusive language, symbols or gestures, shouting and playing music without the use of headphones), substance abuse, and criminal activity. Excessive consumption of alcohol is cause for removal from The Battery Atlanta.
  6. Pets except in designated areas only. Service animals are permitted.
  7. Skating, board riding, bicycling and motorized personal vehicles on sidewalks and restricted areas.
  8. Unauthorized drones, unmanned vehicles and remote controlled vehicles.
  9. Littering, defacing or destroying property.
  10. Inappropriate clothing. Examples of inappropriate clothing are those which display: profanity, pornography, graphic violence, support of drugs or drug use, gang symbols and promoting discrimination against any group. Shirts and shoes are required.
  11. Distributing material, demonstrating, conducting interviews, taking professional photos, videos or audio recordings (without The Battery Atlanta approval).
  12. Violating the Open Container Zone Policy.

Guests are encouraged to report any incidents and violations of this policy to The Battery Atlanta Security by phone call at 404-614-2112.



  1. The Open Container Zone is restricted to the areas as identified in The Battery Atlanta.
  2. The sale and service of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited.
  3. The purchase, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages by anyone under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited.
  4. Guests must provide valid photo identification to purchase alcohol.
  5. Open container alcoholic beverages may not be brought into or brought out of the Open Container Zone.
  6. The Battery Atlanta reserves the right to remove any guest who is being unruly or disruptive or violates these policies. Excessive consumption of alcohol is cause for removal from The Battery Atlanta.
  7. Guests passing alcohol to minors and minors purchasing, possessing or consuming alcohol will be removed from the premises and turned into authorities.
  8. Guests are not permitted to have opened alcoholic beverages in the parking decks serving The Battery Atlanta.
  9. No individual shall be permitted to purchase or possess more than two (2) alcoholic beverages in the Open Container Zone at one time.
  10. Open container alcoholic beverages must be contained in The Battery Atlanta approved plastic cups that are issued by authorized tenants and vendors in The Battery Atlanta.
  11. No glass containers are permitted in the Open Container Zone.



  • In addition to the rules above, on Gamedays and Special Event days identified by The Battery Atlanta, guests must obtain a valid Open Container Zone Wristband issued by a certified tenant or vendor in The Battery Atlanta in order to purchase and possess an alcoholic beverage in the Open Container Zone.
  • Open Container Zone Wristbands are valid only for the date of purchase.